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George Duke – Mr. Funk

Hello People 🙂

Today, I’ll share with you the perfect recipe to make your body dance to the music!
You’ll just need a cup of Funk, 2 slices of R&B and a shot full of Groove.
Wait 5 minutes and George Duke shall appear to blow your mind! 🙂

By the way, Today is George’s 67th Birthday.© hansspeekenbrink.nlAll rights reserved
So, Happy Birthday George, this post will be my gift to you. 😉

The way I see George is as the result of a kid that was introduced to music really early in his life, somebody that was fortunate of having a good music education, and somebody who has stayed with the music all of his life. George got his bachelor of Music Degree in the San Francisco Conservatory of Music back in 1967, but wasn’t until 1976 that he decided he would be a solo artist, but lets not forget that in those 9 years George had the opportunity of playing with Al Jarreau, Jean-Luc Ponty, Stanley Clarke, Billy Cobham and with Frank Zappa.

George seemed to be in an endless music adventure, he would take any opportunity to play or record an album. He has wrote and produced many albums, has acted as a musical director for numerous artists and television specials, appeared on NBC’s soap opera “Generations” in 1989, was named “Keyboardist Of The Year” in 1990 by the “Keyboard Magazine” for the second consecutive year.GeorgeDuke

And if that wasn’t enough for you, in 1992 he released the album “Snapshot” which is one of my favorite George Duke albums, it contains a variety of Funk in both fast and slow tempos, and some chill R&B tunes that will make you have a good listening time. I highly recommend taking a look at it.

I will leave a video in here so that you can have a little bit of the “Snapshot” album we were talking about, this song is called “No rhyme, No Reason” and for me this is one of those songs that will smoothly take you out of your body, the music will get deep into you and soon you’ll be enjoying him as much as I do.

Close your eyes and Enjoy 🙂

I had the opportunity of watching George Duke play in the “Riviera Maya Jazz Fest” in 2010, and I have to tell you, that he as a musician is quite extraordinary, but, as a person he is amazing! George is a really charismatic person, somebody that enjoys the moment, that makes everything straight from his heart, in a figured manner of course :P.george_duke_radio6

I still remember how he said that he knew it was a Jazz Festival, but the things needed to be funkier. And so it happened, 10 seconds later he began with a super groovy tune that made everybody in the crowd stand up and dance until the song finished.

If he has any concert around your city, don’t miss the opportunity of watching him play live!
If you want to know more about him or his upcoming shows you can Click Here to go to his Official Website.

Feel free to leave a comment in the section down below! 🙂

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”


Stanley Clarke – Pure Skill

Ahoy People!
Today we’ve got pure music skill, we’ve got the first bassist in history to headline tours worldwide. Get ready to get speechless.
Stanley Clarke is one of the most celebrated bass players in the world with 36 years career as a bass virtuoso, and he was the first bassist in history to double on acoustic and electric bass with equal virtuosity, and you can clearly see that Stanley also possesses a unique sense of lyricism and melody.

He was born in Philadelphia, and studied at the Philadelphia Academy of Music. By the time he got out of the academy, musicians recognized immediately the complete musicality the young Clarke possessed on the acoustic bass.

I had the opportunity to watch him play at the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival last 25th of November at Playa Del Carmen, México.
Some other great musicians that played there were Richard Bona, Jon Anderson, Jeff Lorber, Randy Brecker, Yellowjackets, between others that I’ll talk about later 🙂

In my experience, that was one of the best performances I’ve ever heard, Stanley just got out there and blew my mind, gave me another reason to believe that being a musician can be so enjoyable, and lovely.

His band members are really great musicians such as:
– Ronald Bruner Jr. (Drums)
– Ruslan Sirota (Keyboard)
– Zach Brock (Violin)

Each one of his band members gave an incredible show, they really enjoyed playing with each other that night.
I’m kind of sad that Hiromi Uehara could not come to this festival. She literally makes me cry of joy when I hear her solos.

Here is a video of one of my favorite songs called “Soldier” from the album “Stanley Clarke Band

Unofortunately because of copyright I can’t get videos of Stanley’s performance on the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival, but
this other video will do it, maybe it isn’t the best audio quality, but gives you an introduction to his art work. I really like the idea of having a violinist in the band, brings “color” to the tunes, makes them sound really special.

I’ve researched Stanley’s Art work, and I’ve found out that he has got more than 20 albums as a soloist, another 20 as a Co-leader, 13 albums as a Producer, and many as a Guest Artist.

All these albums and art work content can be shown in the official web page of Stanley Clarke, I’ll leave the link here for anyone of you who wants to know a little bit more of Stanley.

Take a look at The official Website of Stanley Clarke

Special Thanks to the photographer Roberto Fernandez Ramayo for sharing these pictures taken at the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival with us.

“Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul”