The Flecktones is an instrumental band from the United States formed in 1988 that has recieved many Grammy nominations because of their great variety in music genres, such as Bluegrass, Jazz, and “blu-bop” (bluegrass + beebop).
The actual members are:
Béla Fleck
Victor Wooten
Howard Levy
Roy “Future Man” Wooten
Past member: Jeff Coffin (1998 – 2010)
This band plays with a lot of enthusiasm, creativity and emotion, and while listening to their songs, you can feel that interplay between these guys.
Here is a video from 1996 that shows you some of that joy while playing the music.

Ohh, and check out the instrument of Roy Wooten (the one on the right side with a pirate hat), it’s called the “Drumitar” and i’ll explain that after you’ve seen the video. 🙂

Awesome right? At some point of the song you can feel like they are talking with their instruments , and then they just go crazy! Jeff starts to sound like a duck at some point! 😉

Remember what I told you about the “Drumitar”. Well, Roy “Future Man” Wooten who by the way is the brother of Victor Wooten, is an inventor, scientist and musician, and he had this brilliant idea, which allows him to replicate sounds of an entire contemporary drum kit, with just a few fingers.

Since 1990 there have been 14 albums from the Flecktones, the most recent one was released this year, named “Rocket Science”, so if you liked this band you should make some research and listen to their material. Also there´s another thing, each one of these members has played in many other great proyects.

So don’t miss the chance to know them deeply.
Congratulations on The Flecktones for their 33th anniversary.


Today’s quote is provided by Victor Wooten, if you go to one of his clinics, he may say:

“The only way to get better is Less Practice and More Playing!”