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Porcupine Tree – Progredelic Rock

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Today we’ve got an extraordinary band, a band that is full of surprises in their albums, that can either be really chill and experimental, or go really crazy, progressive and lightly heavy in their songs without a warning. I’m talking about the Porcupine Tree band.

Leaded by Steven Wilson, this band got famous around 1991 – 1992 when the band released the album “On the Sunday of Life“, that is categorized as psychedelic rock, which means that in most of the songs you’ll hear many effects used to develop specific sounds, and most of the times the songs exceed the average 3-4 mins.porcupinetree

Porcupine’s Tree line up back in 1993 was conformed by:
-Steven Wilson (Guitar & Vocals)
-Colin Edwin (bass),
-Chris Maitland (drums), replaced by Gavin Harrison in 2002
-Richard Barbieri (keyboards)

Since then, three major label album releases “In Absentia“, “Deadwing” , and the Grammy-nominated “Fear Of A Blank Planet” have augmented the band’s renown.

Personally “In Absentia” has to be one of my favorite Porcupine Tree Cd’s, the songs vary from really energetic and hard rock tunes for those who like it a little bit heavier, to the most chill and soft melodies that you would imagine yourself singing around the bonfire with your friends.

imgPorcupine Tree1Another Album that I highly recommend is “The Incident” , which, as the official page of Porcupine Tree classifies it, it is Porcupine Tree’s tenth studio album and like “Fear Of A Blank Planet” which was an elaborate conceptual piece fuelled by a 21st century cocktail of MTV, sex, prescription drugs, video games, the internet, terminal boredom and subsequent escape – it takes the listener on a thrilling audio journey.

Both Albums have one song that is really similar to each other, one of them is “Trains” from the “In Absentia” album and the other one is “Time Flies” from “The Incident”.

Here is a video from a song that I like a lot called “Blackest Eyes” from the “In Absentia” album.
Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Also, Steven Wilson has some solo projects that are worth sharing, like “Insurgentes” , “Grace for Drowning” and soon in 2013 “The Raven who refused to sing”.

Gavin Harrison’s other project that I would highly recommend is the project with the bass player “05Ric”. Together they have released 3 albums. “Drop” (2007), “Circles” (2009) and “Man Who Sold Himself (2012).

I hope this post was worth the share, I will keep on posting great bands and artists that I know and share them to you.
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“Music is everybody’s possession. It’s only publishers who think that people own it.”


Hiromi Uehara – Jazztastic

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The Aquarium Rescue Unit – Get Funky

The Aquarium Rescue Unit Is a band originated in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

They usually play genres such as Rock, Progressive rock, Jazz fusion, Funk.
This band gained popularity until 1990, and through the years it never got comercially successful, but that never stopped them from keeping the hard work on their music.

Here is an old video of my favorite song of this band called “Stand Up People” from the album “In a Perfect World

I hope you enjoy it as I always do

When I first heard this band, I thought that I was hearing something new and contemporary, something fresh and awesome, that makes you need to know more about this band. So for my surprise, this band is older than me!. Makes you think How does a 1988 band, with a good quality of music and a really contemporary sound is still very “underground” on the world of music?.

Also, if you look at all the past members there have been in this band (8 past members), you’ll realize that having a band is not that easy, a band is like a workteam, a union, a family.

So, great job on The Aquarium Rescue Unit for their hard work. And we hope that they continue as a band for many years more.

Actual members:
-Bruce Hampton
-Oteil Burbridge
-Jimmy Herring
-Jeff Sipe

Since 1988 till now, there have been only 6 albums.
1- Col. Bruce Hampton & the Aquarium Rescue Unit (1992) – Live album
2- Mirrors of Embarrassment (1993) – Studio album
3- In a Perfect World (1994) – Studio album… This one is my favorite 🙂
4- eeePee (1994) (This was a limited edition release)
5- The Calling (1997) – Studio album
6- The Benefit Concert, Vol. 2 (2007) – Live album

Give this band a chance to get into your life.