All the way from Sydney, Australia. Ladies and Gentlemen we introduce you an amazing electric bass player, born on the 2nd of December of 1986. Tal Wilkenfeld, graduated from Los Angeles Music Academy College of Music in 2004, has gained worldwide attention because of her exclusive talent on music.
This beatiful ladie here has played with Hiram Bullock, Steve Vai, Eric Clapton, Susan Tedeschi, The Allman Brothers Band, Herbie Hancock, Jeff “Tain” Watts, Wayne Shorter and many other great musicians that everybody would pay millions to play with them on stage.

See it to believe it? No problem, we’ve got a video for you. I know she’s beautiful, but try to focus on the music. Enjoy 🙂

It is really hard to find a video of Tal’s songs live. She has got many videos on the internet with great musicians, but just a few can show you Tal’s work, so if you liked her song, you should really check some other things she has done.

The song shown on the video is called “Serendipity” from her first album “Transformation” recorded on 2007.

I would classify Tal’s sound as a Jaco Pastorius sound, if it was possible, a duo of Jaco and Tal would be something you wouldn’t want to miss. Another thing I really like about Tal is the good taste she has when she composes songs in odd meters, which is really hard, because people is not used to that, you have to be very subtle in your arrangements to have that perfect balance of groove + skill.

She has many other awesome performances with musicians like Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Steve Lukather, Lee Ritenour, Herbie Hancock and many more!.
She’s still doing really good performances out there. If you want to know more about Tal don’t forget to take a look at her Official Web Site

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Have a nice day. 🙂

“Music happens to be an art form that transcends language”