Hiromi, is an awesome Jazz composer born in Japan in 1979, that studied at Berklee college of Music.
And can you believe she had already signed with jazz label Telarc, Played for the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and be invited to play with Chick Corea before her graduation?.

So just for you to get an idea of what I’m talking about, check this video, recorded in a Jazz Festival on Tokyo in 2004 and tell me what you think. The name of the song is “XYZ” from the Album “Another Mind” .
Please be careful, you might get speechless!. 😉

So after you’ve seen the video, your face maybe got like :O
In my opinion, you can see how she feels the music while she’s playing those crazy tunes. This is all about enjoying what you do, like come on! Sometimes she’s not even looking the piano while she’s playing.

Even though she’s from Japan, a place far away from Latin America, you can clearly hear that in some parts of the song, she brings really amazing latin grooves that make it sound awesome, at some point in the middle she’s literally smashing the piano keys, which makes us think “Why would she do that?” But let me tell you that, in terms of music, it doesn’t matter what you do, how you do it, or why do you do it, if it sounds good, you’re doing it right!. 🙂

This is a perfect example of how does feeling the music should look like, it doesn’t matter if you do all kinds of funny faces, or weird body positions. In order to give that extra meaning to your music the body needs to be part of it, but make sure you’re not showing off, because then you lose credibility.

But lets get back to Hiromi, and let me introduce you some of the work she has done in the last years.
So here it is:

-Hiromi’s albums are divided in three diferent groups:

1.-Hiromi as a soloist.
Another Mind” (2003)
Brain” (2004)
Spiral” (2006)
Place to Be” (2009)

2.-Hiromi’s Sonicbloom
Time Control (2007)
Beyond Standard” (2008)

3.-Hiromi’s Trio
Voice” (2011)

Personally Hiromi has been a big musical inspiration, I’m proud I’m studying in the same music school that she did.

By now you could easily guess what piece I decided to play for my Berklee Audition. 😉

I hope this post caused a good effect in you.

Sharing is loving, so you better start loving music. 😉